Science Data Model Schemas

This schema browser provides a view on a curated subset of the Rubin Observatory’s database schemas for user-facing data products (the Science Data Model, or SDM). These pages are rendered directly from the latest revisions of schema definition YAML files maintained in the sdm_schemas github repository.

Schemas available here for browsing include:

  • Data Preview 0.2 Schema

    Data Preview 0.2 contains the image and catalog products of the Rubin Science Pipelines v23 processing of the DESC Data Challenge 2 simulation, which covered 300 square degrees of the wide-fast-deep LSST survey region over 5 years.

  • Data Preview 0.1 Schema

    Data Preview 0.1 includes five tables based on the DESC’s Data Challenge 2 simulation of 300 square degrees of the wide-fast-deep LSST survey region after 5 years. All tables contain objects detected in coadded images.

  • HSC Schema

    The HSC Schema describes the outputs of the latest data release production pipelines. This schema is intended to approximate the LSST Baseline Schema, but with the changes necessary to reflect the current state of the pipelines (e.g., columns that are not yet computed by the pipelines are removed, some names differ, and some additional useful columns are added). This schema is used by ci_hsc, which verifies the schema of the pipeline output files.

  • LSST Baseline Schema

    The LSST Baseline Schema describes the “goal” of the Rubin Observatory construction project; it is the column-for-column physical description that corresponds to the abstract schema specified by the Data Products Definition Document (LSE-163) and from which document LSST Database Baseline Schema (LDM-153) is produced.