Science Data Model Schemas

This schema browser provides a view on a curated subset of the Rubin Observatory’s database schemas for user-facing data products (the Science Data Model, or SDM). These pages are rendered directly from the latest revisions of schema definition YAML files maintained in the sdm_schemas github repository.

Schemas available here for browsing include:

  • Data Preview 0.3

    Data Preview 0.3 (ten-year version): Contains the catalog products of a Solar System Science Collaboration simulation of the results of SSO analysis of the wide-fast-deep data from the full LSST ten-year dataset.

  • Data Preview 0.2 Schema

    Data Preview 0.2 contains the image and catalog products of the Rubin Science Pipelines v23 processing of the DESC Data Challenge 2 simulation, which covered 300 square degrees of the wide-fast-deep LSST survey region over 5 years.

  • Data Preview 0.1 Schema

    Data Preview 0.1 includes five tables based on the DESC’s Data Challenge 2 simulation of 300 square degrees of the wide-fast-deep LSST survey region after 5 years. All tables contain objects detected in coadded images.

  • Alert Production Database schema

    The Alert Production Database (APDB) contains the catalogs resulting from image differencing during nightly Prompt Processing as well as the results of daily Solar System Processing.

  • HSC Schema

    The HSC Schema describes the outputs of the latest data release production pipelines for HyperSuprimeCam. This schema is used by ci_hsc, which verifies the schema of the pipeline output files.

  • LSSTCam-imSim Schema

    The ImSim Schema describes the Science Pipelines outputs for on Imsim simulated full-focal-plane LSSTCam data. The data preview dataset schemas (e.g. DP01, DP02) are derived from this one, but are fixed at the time of that data release.